What is Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)?

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is the investment of corporate funds directly in external start-up companies, where those funds are distributed from a venture investment entity and not from the company’s balance sheet. CVC gives you access to the global innovation ecosystem.

Disruptive startups are challenging corporates from all industries and we are expecting more disruptive competition during the next five years. So truly innovative corporates are transforming their industries from within or entering entirely new industries and markets This is done using several operating models such as corporate venture capital, incubators, accelerators and design thinking to drive results.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) has become a vital factor in many companies’ pursuit for growth. By investing and matching with several innovative startups, corporates can access new areas of IP development, extend innovative capacity and be more outward-looking not only allowing them to be more responsive to trends and changes, but in some cases leading such change.

Why does it exist?

Startups gain: Investment capital, operating expertise, and go-to-market strategies
Corporations gain: ROI and/or strategic additions to their business (through potential future acquisition), and engagement with emerging technologies

How we can help ?

We understand the challenges a company faces setting up and running a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) business. Our experience leading Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) funds, accelerators and incubators position us as your innovation partner of choice. Our services encompass helping you build an innovation culture within your organization, developing your innovation strategy and framework and matching you with the right startups to solve your challenges. We finally help you set up your own venture arm by creating, implementing and running a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) business, putting us in a unique position to advise the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) throughout its lifetime.

Offering Programs

Visibility & Culture


Building Capabilities And Enhancing Engagement.

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Corporate Ecosystem Partner

CVC Strategy & Framework


Designing Your Innovation Strategy

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Corporate Ecosystem Partner
Ideation & Hackathon
CVC Strategy & Framework

Innovation Lab


Matching, Accelerating and Incubating Startups

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Startup Matching
& Acceleration



Establishing Your CVC Strategy and Fund

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Offering Description Academy Access


Through the Cribb Academy, your employees will have a selection of over 30+ innovation training courses, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship workshops and seminars designed specifically for corporates and government agencies for fostering innovation and creativity. The Cribb Academy currently offers 4 learning tracks:
  1. Entrepenuership Track
  2. Startup Biz Track
  3. Startup Tech Track
  4. Corporate Innovation Track

Corporate Ecosystem Partner

Become our incubator and co-working space partner by positioning your organization’s brand in our space. You will also have full access to our state of the art co-working space and its facilities, which also can serve as your innovation center. As a Corporate Ecosystem Partner, you will avail marketing coverage online and offline, access to our online community and sponsor The Cribb events.


Your organization will have a limited number tickets to attend global events at regional and international locations (Such as TechCrunch, Lean Startup Summit, WebSummit, Tech in Asia, Global Innovation Summit) to involve in and to understand the activities of a mature startup ecosystems.


2 participants per year

Your organization can participate on a traveling benchmarking tour guided by our representative to one or more countries with advanced entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation centers. The benchmarking trips would help you in understanding corporate innovation efforts, culture & models and what benefits these activities reap internally and externally.
For instance, the participants will visit and explore Scandinavian Government Agencies & Ministries deploying innovation models or a benchmarking tripto the Silicon Valley, USA and visit Innovation Labs, Venture Capital firms,and Startup spaces.Participants will receive lectures on differentinnovation strategies, discuss and share innovation and investment opportunities with their counterparts, and return with an action plans.

Condition: The Cribb would organize a fixed number of global benchmarking trips. The list of the trips would be available at the beginning of the calendar year. Travel, Visa & Accommodation costs are excluded.

Ideation & Hackathon

We will facilitate Ideation Workshop(s) to generate innovative ideas and/or future business challenges for your organization (internally or externally). We use advanced methodologies such as Lego Serious Play and other innovation tools to identify and evaluate ideas.
Based on your proposed theme or challenge, you will have the chance to sponsor your own startup event (such as Idea Olympic or Hackathon) where we connect you with various startups and/or entrepreneurs which can help you find new opportunities or solve a particular challenge.

CVC Strategy & Framework

We will help you design an innovation governance and corporate venture capital model that is specific for you in collaboration with key stakeholders/innovation champions of your organization.

Startup Matching & Acceleration

We will help you set up an acceleration program to match you with startups who will help you achieve your innovation strategy by:
  • Identifying specific themes and challenges that align with your corporate innovation objectives and strategy
  • Recruiting a cohort of global or local innovative startups who have innovative ideas that align with your specific corporate challenges
  • Running a tailored 3 to 4 month corporate accelerator program in which the startups are mentored and get their ideas validated
  • The accelerated companies enter a three month incubation period. You can choose to integrate the end product into your business or to take an equity position with the startup


This is the final step to become an active CVC player. We will help you develop an end-to-end platform for global and local startups by creating your own CVC fund to invest in startup relevant to your business theme.


1 Membership

For Venture package, we provide a one-year membership in KEIRETSU FORUM Angel Network – Dubai Chapter. KEIRETSU FORUM isthe largest global angel Network in the world with 2500+ angel investors from 45 different countries. You will receive 1 membership for 1 year in Dubai – UAE chapter and will also have access to deal-flow, training, and investors from:
  1. Dubai
  2. Paris
  3. Pebble Beach
  4. Philadelphia
  5. Pittsburgh
  6. Portland
  7. Prague
  8. Rockies
  9. San Diego
  10. San Francisco
  11. Seattle
  12. Shanghai
  13. Singapore
  14. Silicon Valley
  15. Spokane-Inland
  16. Stockholm (Nordics)
  17. Tel Aviv
  18. Toronto
  19. Vancouver
  20. Vancouver, BC
  21. Vaughan, Ontario
  22. Ventura County
  23. Washington D.C.
  24. Waterloo-Wellington
  25. Andalucia
  26. Atlanta
  27. Bangalore
  28. Barcelona
  29. Beijing
  30. Boise
  31. Chennai
  32. Donostia/San Sebastián
  33. East Bay
  34. Istanbul
  35. Jakarta
  36. Kirkland-Eastside
  37. London
  38. London, Ontario
  39. Los Angeles
  40. Madrid
  41. Miami
  42. Mumbai
  43. New York
  44. North Bay
  45. Orange County

The benefits of the KEIRETSU FORUM Angel Network include:
  1. The membership has the opportunity to screen high quality, diverse investment opportunities at the monthly deal screening and Keiretsu Forum.
  2. Expanded relationships built across industries that affect one another.
  3. Members enjoy collaborative business and social relationships between different chapters.
  4. Members have access to a broad network of successful entrepreneurs.
  5. Active participation in the Keiretsu Forum committee system.
  6. Wide range of social activities that strengthen and build trusted relationships.

Condition: Membership in the KEIRETSU FORUM is restricted to qualifiedinvestors and requires initial screening.

Investment Due-Diligence Reports

2 Startups per annum

For Venture Program, we will provide you with following comprehensive Due-diligence report on start-ups of your choice:
  • Pre or Post revenue technology startups.
  • Angel to Series ‘B’ Stage.
  • Highly Accurate Valuations.
  • Startup Team Stress Test.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Market Data Summary.
  • In Depth Company Report.
  • In Depth Business Report.
  • In Depth Financial Due Diligence.
  • Current and Future Legal Due Diligence and Suggested Investment Structure from our appointed lawyer(s).
  • Transaction and Term-Sheets Structuring.

Conditions: Investors and Startups would need to provide required business model, market research, financial plans and other information for enabling us and our partners in conducting Due Diligence and providing the investment reports.
The Due Diligence Reports shall be provided on an “as-is” basis and shall have customary disclaimers.

Management Dashboard

A Digital dashboard to check the live status of the package and to manage your program details, users subscriptions, billing, administration, engagement and various bookings under your program.



1 Membership

We provide a one-year membership in KEIRETSU FORUM Angel Network – Dubai Chapter. KEIRETSU FORUM is the largest global angel network in the world with 2500+ angel investors from 45 different countries. You will receive 1 membership for 1 year in Dubai – UAE chapter and will also have access to deal-flow, training, and investors from 45 cities.

Management Dashboard

A digital dashboard to check the live status of the package and to manage your program details, users subscriptions, billing, administration, engagement and various bookings under your package.