Startup Stories
  • 31 July

Startup Sequels Episode 2: Junkbot

Junkbot is a DIY robotic kit that enables young and old to create and build working robots from almost anything. It transforms house hold objects such as plastic bottles and old CDs,wooden spoons or cardboard in to unique,imaginative robots that can be programmed for a variety of functions – and at different levels of skill. As they delight in making new shapes come alive,kids will learn the core STEAM concepts of analytical thinking,problem solving,prototyping, lateral thinking and building. - See more at:

Startup Sequels Episode 1: Meetizer Startup Stories

Startup Sequels Episode 1: Meetizer

19 June

Meetizer is the social platform where people connect and share spontaneous meetups and casual gatherings on the go, transforming their downtime or lonely moments of the day, into a vibrant social experience. We help people not feeling alone or bored by providing them with a community of people to do things together, from sharing a cup of coffee, exploring the city, having fun together, attending an event, or whatever they plan… all through the best mobile experience, and “while on the go”.

The New Space Races Startup Stories

The New Space Races

3 April

Back in the 1960s, the race was on between the United States and the USSR to see who could get to the moon first. Now, decades later, we are on the verge of yet another type of space races. The big change nowadays is the races are between tech startups not countries.

Startup Spring in MENA Startup Stories

Startup Spring in MENA

13 March

Last week, we had a webinar about the startups in the Arab World. We hosted Jonas Feller, a Research Associate at Wamda. We discussed the challenges of starting a startup in Arab countries. Then, we discussed the rise of the startups in the region and the future of the ecosystem.

The startup revolution achieved a victory in space Startup Stories

The startup revolution achieved a victory in space

23 December

After three failed attempts, a reusable rocket has finally been guided safely back to earth. It’s not NASA, European Space Agency, Russian Federal Space Agency or any other government agency. It was SpaceX, a startup that designs and develops rockets and spacecrafts behind this great achievement.